1 Year Anniversary

family pic 08-2017 (8)

Dear Friends,

family pic 08-2017 (8)Celebrate with us!
One year ago today we started our ministry blog. Today we are in Hungary, serving our Mighty Lord at Word of Life. We are so thankful for this past year, for how God has built (and is still building!!!) our ministry team, for all the prayers and encouragement we received from people around us, for meeting new people, and for God’s faithfulness throughout the process. We learned a lot, and while it wasn’t always easy, and we were discouraged at times, He never left us, He always provided for our needs, He remained true and loving. It is a privilege to serve Him, and we are humbled by the many blessings He bestowed on us. We want to bring Him glory with all we do and say and we want to be good testimonies to all those around us.

Chris and I 08-2017We loved being here for the camp season. There’s nothing quite as wonderful than to see children and youth understand the Gospel for the first time and respond in a positive way. Witnessing their first day of their eternal life is something special that cannot compare to anything in my opinion. What a privilege that we can be part of this!
Chris even had the opportunity to be the translator of the Bible teacher last week of camp. As a motivation for the campers to learn the given Bible verses, the teacher promised to color his facial hair pink, purple, and blue if enough of them memorized the passage. The teacher and the campers agreed that Chris should join in on the fun as well, and the picture on the left is the result. 😀

graduation 2017In two weeks the Bible Institute starts, so Chris is currently busy with getting things ready. He has meetings almost every day, and he cannot wait to meet the almost 80 students in a few days.
Chris’ staying permit came, so now he can stay in the country for 5 years. 🙂 After 3 years though, we are planning on applying for Hungarian citizenship for him. Now that he has the permit, we still need to take care of some legal stuff, but hopefully in a month or two we will be completely done with all that.

praying-handsWe are considering buying a house, so please pray for wisdom and God’s guidance. We want to please Him with our actions and choices and do what brings glory to Him. Your prayers mean more to us than we can ever express. Thank you for going before the Father on our behalf. Our prayer is that His will be done, whatever it may be.

We are excited to serve here, and grateful for all of you, who through prayer and financial support make it possible for us to be here. We are blessed to have so many caring friends and family members, and most importantly a caring Father.

Have a blessed week! 🙂