Family of 5


Dear Family and Friends,

20171201_104138As you have most likely saw in our previous post, Joshua Brendan James was born on November 25. He is 3 weeks old already! My due date was December 13 (my parents’ wedding anniversary), so he came 3 weeks early. The hospital experience was interesting to say the least, but thankfully Joshua was born without any complications.

20171214_163137The girls are absolutely in love with him, they just want to hold him and love on him. Unfortunately Joshua managed to catch a cold a few days after we got home from the hospital, so he has a very stuffy nose. As I just recently learned, newborns up to 3-4 months can’t breathe through their mouths, so we have to be especially careful now, that his nose is full and he can’t blow it. Please pray that he will get over it soon, we expect it to go away by now (it’s been 2 weeks).

20171129_160158Amy completely takes care of Haley. I am pretty amazed at how much she helps. I barely need to do anything with the girls. Amy helps Haley with her breakfast and supper, turning on lights when she needs it, and she plays with her.


20171129_122204Haley likes to play pretend with Amy. I often hear them play they are kids from a different family we know (and so they have different names). It’s fun to listen to them play with each other. And there are other times when there’s a lot of screaming and whining going on… I guess this is what it is like to have girls. 🙂



20171211_110857Chris got permission from the Hungarian FDA to import the medicine his doctor prescribed but unfortunately when he went to the pharmacy he was told they won’t be able to import it, even though he has the prescription and the permission. We also learned that even if they would be able to import it, it would cost over $11,500 per year. So now we are going to try another medicine. Please pray that he gets the right medicine soon. He is very tired. Narcolepsy is not fun…

20171201_100955Would you please also pray that we get enough sleep?

We are super grateful to my parents, family, and friends who have been helping us in so many ways. We are receiving food, financial help, and my mom even came over just to help clean the house. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends, sisters and brothers in Christ. Thank you!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!