Q & A


Dear friends,

Chris talked about the biblical basis for supporting missionaries in our last ministry post, and now I would like to do a Q & A. I will answer the questions we already received from you and I would like to ask you to add your own question(s) in the comment section of this post or you can send us an e-mail with it/them. We want to answer any questions you may have. We will update this post as we receive more questions.

Q & A

In general, a full-time missionary is someone who lives on support serving at least 40 hours a week with a mission organization.
There are exceptions to this, but this definition is true to the majority of full-time missionaries.

What being a “full-time missionary” means in our case, is that we would be serving God at Word of Life Hungary (Chris is looking at the position of Dean of Men and I will be helping out where there is a need), depending on our friends’ sacrificial, generous support. As long as we are at Word of Life Hungary, we are committing our time and energy fully to this ministry.

Word of Life Hungary is a non-profit organization, so our salary is covered by generous donations of supporters. We will spend over 40 hours every week in our positions – Chris is looking at the position of Dean of Men and I will be helping out where there is a need.

We are giving our time and energy to evangelize the lost and disciple many young Christians to grow in their faith. We believe God can use us at Word of Life Hungary to His glory.

However if you work 40+ hours a week, you can testify that if you didn’t get paid for your work, it would be hard to have another job after your full-time job is over to support your family.
For this reason Word of Life Hungary requires their missionaries to raise support, so they can fully focus on their ministry without having to worry about their finances.

Everything we get in support goes to Word of Life. Word of Life then keeps track of which missionary received how much support. The support we receive from our friends becomes partly our salary (other part is administration fee, field expense, social security, taxes, and health insurance). So our salary depends on our friends faithful, sacrificial, generous support 100%.

We will have to pay rent or mortgage on a home in the town Word of Life Hungary is located, we will have to pay our bills, pay taxes, and buy everything else people normally need (groceries, household items, clothes, etc.). The support amount we need to raise should be enough to enable us to pay all these each month. Right now we are at 19% of what we need.

We believe that it is biblical to give to missionaries (read more about this in a previous post). We believe that by giving back to God through making our ministry possible, you will not only bless us, but you will be blessed also.

By partnering with us, you will be directly (since without you we couldn’t be there) making a difference in the lives of all those God puts in our lives.

You may not want or be able to commit your years to full-time missions yourself, but would like to be a part of God’s work overseas. This is a great way for you to invest in God’s work, and be a part of what He is doing in Hungary.

Our dream is to have a support team who is like family to us.
You can expect us to update you on our ministry once a month, to share our struggles and joys with you, to ask you to pray for our specific needs and to ask you to praise God with us for our specific praises.
We will be accountable to you, and ultimately we are accountable to God Himself.

We would love you to share your praises and prayer requests with us. We will be praying for you daily, and would love to pray for specifics.

Another hope of ours is that everyone who supports us will get a chance at least once to come serve at our Summer Camps for a week or more. I got saved during a Word of Life Summer Camp, so this is very close to my heart. We need native Americans to teach English and different sports every year (soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and disc-golf). If you are interested in this ministry (even if you are not supporting us), please let us know! We would love to share the details with you!

We need faithful prayer warriors.
Full-time ministry can be draining and exhausting. We need God’s strength, wisdom, and love to be able to do our job in a manner that is pleasing to Him. Please pray that we would abide in Him and bear many fruits to His glory.

You can become one of our monthly supporters, making our ministry possible.
By choosing to support us, you can make a difference in the lives of many you will never have the chance to meet yourself.

As we are raising support, another way you can partner with us is by introducing us to your friends and/or church family. We came up with a board game through which we talk about Hungary and our ministry plans. This event is called Happy Hungarian Fun-Time Hour. If you are interested in what that exactly is, and how you can be a part of it, you can read more about it in this post.

Every bit adds up.
We believe that a lot of people don’t support missionaries in general because they think they couldn’t give enough that would “matter.”

Think about it this way, if 100 of our friends could give us $10 monthly, we would be at 50% not counting any other support. 100 may sound like a lot of people, but in reality, we have over 1000 friends on facebook, and we don’t add friends we don’t actually know.

If you can only give a little, please still consider supporting either us or some other missionaries/mission organizations. We believe that God will bless your sacrifice.

You can start supporting us whenever you want to. 🙂

If you start supporting us before we leave for Hungary (July, 2017), then that money will go into our “Setup Fund” and will pay for our one-time expenses such as airplane tickets, furniture in our new home, kitchen stuff such as silverware, plates, cups, etc.

If you start supporting us after July, 2017, your donation will be part of our salary.

Since our salary depends on our monthly support, we try to make sure that we have enough monthly supporters so we can focus on our ministry 100%.

Having said that, we will have lots of one-time expenses (plane tickets, setting up our future home – furniture, household items, etc.), so yes, we need and accept one-time gifts as well.

Yes! If you want to support us, you can go to our Word of Life site and you will find a little box you can check if you want to make your gift recurring. There you will also find the option to give with a credit card, debit card, or check. Once you set the payment up, it will automatically send Word of Life the money each month until you cancel the giving.
Yes! If you would like to use a check and mail it to Word of Life each month instead, you will need a slip from us the first time around and then you can just send the check with our name or Support ID number in the memo section.

If you would like a slip, just let us know and we will get one to you.

That’s totally fine. You may already be supporting other missionaries and at this point, you can’t commit to support more, or you are really struggling financially, and so you can’t commit to supporting us, or you just simply don’t want to partner with us financially. Either way, you made a decision and there’s nothing wrong with that. 🙂 We don’t expect everyone to support us, and we don’t want this to make any difference in our friendship.

We have one request, though. If we asked you personally to support us, and you never got back to us, please just let us know that you are not planning on supporting us. This way we will know that you didn’t just forget about it. Otherwise we may ask you again, and we don’t want to make it awkward for you.

When we get no response, we think the person forgot about it as opposed to made a decision not to support us. So please help us by responding, so we can plan accordingly.

In case this little imperfect illustration helps you:
Just imagine you asked your friends to buy your daughter’s girl scout cookies. These cookies are only available for a limited time, so you ask them to consider buying them and to let you know if they want some or not. If they never reply to you, you can’t be sure if they don’t want any or just forgot you asked them. If they just say they don’t want any, you don’t take offense, you didn’t expect all of them to buy some, but if they don’t reply, you are unsure if you should ask them again or not. So instead of a negative answer making it awkward, not replying makes it awkward.

All this to say, please respond to us, even if you are not planning on supporting us. It would help us tremendously.

First of all, thank you for supporting us thus far!
If you were supporting us via check, simply stop sending them to Word of Life.
If you set up a recurring giving online, you can easily cancel it at any time. If you have any questions, you can call 518-494-6000 or e-mail donations@wol.org.

We ask you to please let us know if you are planning on withdrawing your support, so we can plan our budget accordingly.

Chris is looking to be in the position of Dean of Men. The Bible Institute has 80 students this year and about half of them are men.

Chris will be providing pastoral care for the male Bible Institute students, taking care of their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. All of them speak either English or Hungarian and Chris being bilingual will make his job much easier.
Chris has a passion for teaching and he wants to see these young men grow in their faith and make a difference for Christ. Our prayer is that God would use Chris in the lives of all these men to help them develop a strong biblical foundation so when they go back to their countries, they would be godly examples and make disciples.

Word of Life Hungary has a beautiful campus where all the Bible Institute students live.
We will be living in the town Word of Life is located, but not on campus.

It is very hard to find a place to rent in that town, so we covet your prayers for a house for us to stay in.

The girls and I are Hungarian citizens, but Chris will need a residence permit (something like a Green Card in the States). Then, after 3 years, he can apply for citizenship.
No. Everyone speaks either English or Hungarian at Word of Life Hungary.

I am Hungarian, born and raised there and Chris lived most of his life in Hungary (from age 4 to 23), so not only does he speak the language as a native speaker, he also knows the culture well.

We both served with Word of Life before and after we got married, so we have a good idea of how it works. Our hope is that God will use us mightily there.

We believe that it is our privilege to support those who commit their lives to serve God full-time.
Yes, we will keep on supporting missionaries as long as God provides.