Settling in


Hi there,


Chris OAE (medium)Chris got his Hungarian insurance card this past month, was able therefore to make an appointment with a specialist, and already has medicine! Please pray the medicine works well, and he won’t be so sleepy.
He is still busy with BI stuff, but he is reminded over and over again of the wonderful opportunity he has. This past Monday he filled in for a student teaching middle school students at a school a few villages over, and he came home like a new person. 🙂 He was so excited to teach these children as well as to minister alongside the BI students. He is so grateful to be here and to be able to help these wonderful young men grow in their faith. He also joined the soccer ministry team this Friday, and while he soon learned he is not 20 anymore, he did play soccer with them and translated the testimony of one of the team members. We had a lot of elementary age kids compared to last year, please pray that they will grow in number, so not only will they have a ton of fun playing soccer with our sports team, but learn more about God.


iskolaAmy understands more and more Hungarian each day, and is doing very well at school. The teacher is very impressed with her and so are we. 🙂 She is making friends at school, and is becoming more and more independent.
She loves to spend the afternoons playing with her friends outside on the property. We are thankful she can do so. Please pray that she will be able to speak Hungarian like a native soon, and that she would shine in her class.


20170915_174622Haley loves to go to preschool and play with her friends. Sometimes she wakes up and wants to stay at home, but once we are there, she never cries for us and is always happy when I pick her up. It’s still hard to believe that Chris’ preschool teacher is her preschool teacher. What are the odds? 🙂
She picked up Hungarian pretty fast, I am pretty sure she will speak it fluently in a short time. She often sings the Hungarian songs she learns at preschool. I love how she gets to be with other kids for the whole morning.


22429305_1526399277416882_72750469_o (1)I am getting bigger and bigger each day. 🙂 I am way past my weight and size when Haley was born (not to mention when Amy was born). Baby Joshua is very active, I feel as if he is constantly awake trying to show me how good he is at kicking me and punching me. Based on his activeness in the womb, I am not counting on a calm baby. 🙂 He is due within 2 months, so Lord willing we will have our first Christmas as a family of 5 this year.
I am able to help organize a mission trip for a team of students. I love administration, and I love the fact that I am able to help with the background things. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join the team when they leave in January, but I am as excited for them as one can be. Please join me in prayer for this team as they will minister toward over 220 missionary kids.

The house we bought needs a lot of fixing up, and we need a lot of wisdom (when to do what, which contractor to use, etc.). We appreciate your prayers concerning that. 🙂

Have a blessed week!