So Much to Be Thankful for


Dear Friends,

IMG_0626One of my favorite holidays, or actually possibly my favorite holiday, is Thanksgiving. I never did it the “right way” (watching football and eating a lot of turkey), when we celebrated it, it was always about family & friends and just counting our blessings. While we should often thank God for all the wonderful people in our lives, it is a good idea to have a day set aside for just that. I think about it as an anniversary. I don’t love Chris more on our anniversary, and I should always show my love toward him, not just once a year, but it is nice to have that special day when we remember our commitment, our “beginning” and thank God for our marriage. Anyway, I love Thanksgiving. 🙂

32 weeks pregnant with the first three

This year I am most thankful for our –soon to be– Christmas gift, our precious son. I am thankful to be serving God in Hungary at Word of Life, being close to my family, and enjoying fellowship with my friends.

IMG_0489Lord willing, this is our last Family Post before baby Joshua is born. Boy, I am ready for him to come. 🙂 The girls are super excited for him to be here and often ask me when he is going to be born. I wish I knew! 😀 They love to give him a hug (which means hugging my belly), give him a kiss, or to sing to him. Amy even made up a song for him, so when he is born, he will calm down when he hears it. The lyrics have a lot of “I love you Joshua” in it. 🙂

Chris’ medicine didn’t work, so we are in the process of asking the Hungarian FDA for permission to import another kind of medicine that may help him. Please pray that God’s will be done in this situation as well. May he get medicine that actually works.

IMG_0541The house we bought needs to be fixed up before we move in. We are still waiting on quotes, and depending on the weather we may only start working on it next spring. Please pray for wisdom as many decisions need to be made concerning what to fix and what to leave for now. We know that God will provide the finances we need, and we trust that He will guide us through the whole process.

We are so blessed to have so many caring friends and family. We praise God for you all!